Capture Errors
What happens when there's a problem with my 360 Video?
Written by Michael Amaya
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, the OpenSpace Vision Engine cannot figure out where your 360 Video took place. We call this problem a Capture Error.

Capture Errors can happen because:

  • The drawing does not accurately reflect the real world

  • The camera lens was blocked

  • The capturer selected the wrong drawing for their walk

  • etc...

When this happens, OpenSpace publishes a "Best Guess" and places a Capture Error Notification on your project if the capture footage is discernible.

When you receive a Capture Error Notification, you will see a note in the Capture List Sidebar.

If you click on SHOW CAPTURES WITH CAPTURE ERROR, the Capture List Sidebar will collapse to just show the capture(s) with the error.

Clicking on REVIEW CAPTURE will allow you to review the capture. You will also notice a Capture Error Banner above the Viewport.

At this point, you can click contact us on the Capture Error Banner to resolve the Capture Error.

Clicking contact us will open a Request Correction Form where you can send us a message about how to resolve the Capture Error.

Add any information that can help us fix the issue, and we will resolve the Capture Error as soon as possible.

P.S. If we cannot resolve the Capture Error with the information you provide in the Request Correction Form, we will reach out to you for more context.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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