Reveal Mode

See what's covered. For active construction and facility maintenance

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Reveal Mode in the OpenSpace app allows you to see what has been covered up over the course of construction without cutting open drywall or using GPR. 

Reveal Mode is available in the OpenSpace mobile app. To use Reveal Mode, open the OpenSpace app on your mobile device when you are physically at the location of interest on site. 

Tap "View Site" on the project in the OpenSpace app, then choose a date that shows the phase of construction of interest at your location. Then adjust the 360 photo orientation to align with your physical orientation at the photo location.

Next, tap the Reveal Mode Icon: 

A slider will appear that blends between your mobile device's camera and the 360 photo. 

Physically moving your phone in any direction will adjust the view within the 360 photo. Adjusting the slider changes the blend amount between the 360 photo and your camera.  You may need to reposition where you are standing to make the two line up.

Once you are aligned, move the phone back and for to ensure visual alignment while using the slider to transition between viewing current conditions through the camera and the 360 photo of that location in the past, revealing what's behind drywall or in concrete.

See it in action:

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