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See behind what’s been built on the jobsite.

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Reveal Mode is available in the OpenSpace mobile app. See what’s behind walls, drywall, and concrete while on-site with this simple-to-use feature. Reveal Mode displays past 360° captures from OpenSpace in the exact spot you’re panning. This feature can help avoid rework during construction and be a tool to use on future maintenance of a building.

Launching Reveal Mode

To use Reveal Mode, head to the location you want to investigate.

  1. Open the mobile app on your device.

  2. Navigate to the project and select “Images.”

  3. Choose a date that shows the phase of construction of interest at your location.

  4. Adjust the 360° photo orientation to align with your physical orientation.

  5. Tap the Reveal Mode icon.

Using Reveal Mode

When you click Reveal Mode, OpenSpace turns your 360° image into a transparency layer you can view through the camera on your mobile device. Use the transparency slider to reveal how the area in front you looked on your chosen date from the past.

As you move your device in any direction, the view adjusts within the 360° photo. Adjusting the slider changes the layering between the 360° photo and your camera. If necessary, reposition where you’re standing to line up the layers.

Once you’re aligned, move your device back and forth, ensuring visual alignment as you move the slider to transition between seeing current conditions through the camera and the 360 photo of that location in the past.

See Reveal Mode in Action:

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