Manual Captures allow you to take an individual, still 360° photo using your Garmin VIRB or Insta360 camera, and pin it to your floor plan. Manual Captures are a quick way to capture a space without doing a whole walk.

1. To take a Manual Capture: First, power your Camera on, and connect your camera to the OpenSpace app via the mobile device's wifi settings.

Open your OpenSpace app, and tap on the blue camera icon under "360 Photos" at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select the floor-plan you are on.

3. Tap the location of the manual capture on the floor-plan then stand still and tap the blue circle at the bottom of the screen to take the 360 photo.

4. After reviewing the photo, tap save. If you plan on taking multiple 360 photos tap "Yes, Continue" other tap "No I'm Done".

Manual Captures can offer higher resolution images, a quick way to 360° capture a single room, and an alternative way to track progress.

Notes about Manual Capture/360 Photos

  1. When you're viewing your manually captured 360 photos there will be no field of view cone indicating the direction that you're facing relative to the floor plan.

  2. The split view will not align automatically when you press the lock button.

  3. BIM Compare will not be aligned to your field of view.

If you prefer to be able to utilize these features please use the 360 Videos/360 Site Walk option for capturing.

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