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Navigate the capture list to find specific captures more easily

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Your Captures are where you can view a list of all the captures you and your team have taken. 

The most recent capture will always appear on your screen as well as at the top of the list. You can scroll down to view previous captures.

You have the option to name captures as well, and we recommend naming certain captures that may be relevant (i.e. Pre Pour Concrete, Post Pour Concrete, etc.). It is not necessary to name every capture! If you ever need to search a capture and it was not named, all captures will have the date and floor plan named automatically attached to it. To look up something in your Captures there is a search bar near the top of the screen.

You will also notice that there are different icons, noting if what you are viewing is a 3D Scan, 360 Video or a 360 Photo. 360 Videos (seen above) are labeled with the green box and the recorder icon. A 360 Photo (seen below) will be labeled with a purple box and the camera icon. And a 3D Scan (seen below). will be labeled with an orange box and a 3D box icon.

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