Managing OpenSpace Captures on the Go

An overview of how to manage captures on the OpenSpace mobile app

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With the OpenSpace mobile app, you can quickly find specific photos while on the go without having to tap dozens of times, reducing the time it takes to answer questions and solve problems.

Summary of Project Home on Mobile

  • Navigate to your project.

  • Here’s an overview of available features and actions from top to bottom:

    • Use the menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the top left of the screen to navigate to the projects and company page.

    • Use the settings gear icon (available in both the upper right and lower right corners) to access a multitude of options including: Log out, member list, export network logs for troubleshooting, and more.

    • Select the pencil icon to change the cover photo for the project. (Note: site admin or higher permissions needed.)

    • Tap the sheets icon to select a sheet. Then you can scroll through the date and time of a capture(s) on the sheet, easily moving through the timeline.

    • Use the uploads icon to see all captures for the project.

    • Within Field Notes you can sort and view all Field Notes for the project.

    • Select My Field Notes to filter and view the Field Notes assigned to you.

    • Access the images icon to view and navigate the latest capture uploaded to the project. You can also access Reveal Mode, Split View, and BIM Compare from here.

    • This feature is currently in Beta. (More information to come.)

    • If you've purchased OpenSpace BIM+, select the BIM icon to access/view your model. (For more information, visit our BIM+ articles.)

Bottom navigation for your project

  • Tap the project home icon to access the above features (excluding features still in Beta).

  • Quickly access sheets for the project.

  • Tap the blue plus icon to create a new 360 video, 360 photo, Field Note or 3D scan.

  • The bell icon displays the project’s activity.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace Support team at

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