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Easily review your video captures and find points of interest with Capture Paths.

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Use Capture Paths


Capture Paths provides intuitive navigation through your OpenSpace 360° video captures. Users can see a visualization of the walked path in the 360° pano viewer, and navigate using the cursor donut to move the path cone along the capture track. With Capture Paths, you can move between frames and adjust the frame orientation.

How to use Capture Paths

  1. In your project, select “Images.”

  2. By default, the navigation path is visible.

  3. Use the cursor donut to move the path cone along the Capture Path.

How to change Capture Path visibility and color

  1. Within the Images view, select the icon on the right to open Capture Path settings.

  2. Choose your preferred settings:

    • Visibility: use the slider to adjust path visibility from 0% to 100%. (By default, path line visibility is set to 100%.)

    • Width: use the slide to choose your preferred path line with. (By default, path line width is set to 50%.)

    • Path color: Select your preferred color. (The default color is blue.)


  1. Can you set Capture Path settings to default for all users?

    • Each user can set their preferred defaults each time they view a capture. Once you refresh your session, the settings return to their default status.

  2. Are Capture Paths available on mobile?

    • This feature is currently only available on desktop.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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