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Capture Coverage Heatmap
Capture Coverage Heatmap
Capture coverage heatmaps are available when taking a capture to see where previous captures were walked.
Written by Richard Acton-Maher
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How it Works

Our AI vision engine processes each new capture and determines where the capturer walked and what the capturer was able to see. This information is translated into blue shading that can be overlaid onto the drawing you are about to capture on so you know exactly what has been captured previously.

Use this feature to make sure you are capturing consistently or to ensure you are capturing the entire floor. For example, in the screenshot above, the Heat Map can be used to see that the bedrooms and bathrooms have not been captured yet.

Accessing the Feature

  1. Start taking a capture on the mobile app.

  2. When prompted to tap your starting location after you've selected the floor you are capturing on, tap the layers icon in the bottom right.

  3. Select Heatmap from the menu that appears.

The blue shading you now observe on the floorplan shows where previous captures have been taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this feature available offline?

A. Yes, once the Heat Map is initially loaded, it will stay cached in the mobile app so that is can be loaded again when starting a capture, even if your mobile device does not have a data connection.

Q. How often does the Heat Map refresh?

A. The Heat Map is an amalgamation of all previous captures on each floor. After each new capture is taken, the Heat Map will update to include any new areas covered by that capture.

Q. Will the Heat Map be refreshed if I upload a revised drawing?

A. If the drawing is updated by our support team to replace an existing drawing, the Heat Map will carry over to the new drawing.

Q. Can I see this on desktop?

A. While this feature is not currently available on Desktop, we do plan to release it there eventually.

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