OpenSpace has created a time machine for builders, so that you can visually inspect the job site as it was yesterday, a week ago, or ten years ago. We give you ground truth. And the best part is that it requires no labor, and no infrastructure.


  •  Find the project you would like to view. The project tile also includes relevant statistics about the activity on your project.  The project statistics automatically add an alert and change color from green text to yellow text if either of two conditions are met: the project hasn't had a capture for greater than 7 days, or the project has had less than 4 captures a month.
  • Hover over the project image and click on the "Images" button

  • Click on the blue circles within your capture to move forward or backwards
  • Or, on the upper right-hand side, click on the floorplan to see the entire path of your capture. Clicking anywhere on that path will transport you to that exact location in the site. If you take two different captures on the same day, the capture paths will show as different colors.
  • You can also jump around in time by clicking on the calendar on the bottom of the screen. The calendar will pop out all dates that have captures. Dark blue dates mean that there was a capture in the exact location you're currently viewing.
  • Click on the timestamp next to the calendar date to view all images taken at the current location you're viewing - the camera is always firing, but we select the best image as a default. 
  • Finally, to compare and contrast dates side by side, click on the split-screen arrow and then change the date on one side, as shown below:

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