Viewing your Captures - Sheet View
Sheet View supports the analysis, insight, and visualization of your OpenSpace photo documentation.
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Sheet View allows you to have more visual and intuitive control over your captures. You are able to see what captures are on which Sheets, and on which dates those captures were taken. This makes it much simpler to navigate to specific areas as well as track progress.

Sheet View lets you quickly scan through all captures across your sheets, so you can find the data you want fast.

In Sheet View, you can view all your sheets via a re-sizable grid, or even visualize your project as a tower. You can also jump around in time via an interactive timeline, seeing only the dates where you have data.

How to Access:

You can access Sheet View on the left-hand rail while in the project:

You can also access Sheets View from the Organization project tiles:

Changing the View:

The default view when entering Sheets View is all sheets on your project to be visible. You can switch between Grid Layout and Tower Layout, and also adjust the size of the sheets by clicking the respective buttons on the right side of the screen.

Changing the Date:

On the bottom of the screen you will see a timeline with green (and possibly black) lines. Green lines indicate a date where a Capture has been taken on that project, while black lines indicate days where Field Notes have been added. If you click on a Capture date in the timeline - you will be shown a walk path on all Sheets where a Capture was performed on that date. Conversely, you are able to click an individual sheet and the timeline will automatically adjust to show you all of the dates where captures were performed on that sheet! You are also able to navigate by clicking the date itself and selecting from the calendar or cycle through by clicking the arrows.

Using Filters:

You can use Filters to help narrow your search. You can filter by Video Captures, Photo Captures, Field Notes, Single Dates / Date Ranges, Statuses, Tags, and More!

Preview and Travel to Images:

Walk path colors will change if there is more than one capture on the same sheet and date. You are able to click on a walk path to preview the image - you can also click on the "Travel to 360 Image" to jump to the Image View in that location. See below for clarification.

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