Timelapse Videos

Create timelapse videos from your 360° images captured in OpenSpace.

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The Timelapse Video feature in OpenSpace enables you to click a button to generate videos of a single location over a period of time.





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Organization Administrator

Create Timelapse Video

Creating a Timelapse Video

To create a video, select the timelapse icon from any frame in a 360 video capture. Your timelapse video will be created using all captures you’ve taken in the selected location.

Next you can name your timelapse video and choose between the two video perspectives:

1) Fixed view from a single area

2) A rotational video that spins 360° around a fixed point

Once you select your video perspective and press create, you’ll see a pop-up confirmation.

You'll receive an email from OpenSpace with your video as soon as it’s ready!

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace Support team at support@openspace.ai.

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