I can't login to OpenSpace.

Can't login via Procore, Plangrid or Google? Try clicking the "Forgot your password?" link and entering in your email. If you don't get a password reset link, contact us at support@openspace.ai

The pictures have turned out blurry/image quality is not good.

All cameras like to take pictures in good lighting; when they are in dark areas and/or moving quickly (or both), images quality goes down. Cameras are not quite as good as human eyes yet!  That said, jobsites with OSHA level lighting generally yield nice images in OpenSpace, and we can recommend lighting systems that achieve that - most modern LED task lighting meets OSHA requirements.

However, if you are getting blurry pictures, there are a few easy remedies:

First, in small spaces, a hardhat light like the Illumagear helps a lot.

Second, pausing or walking a little more slowly does wonders!

Finally, there are a host of computer vision based techniques in our platform that improve the quality of the images from what is in the raw video automatically. We have experience with these techniques, and we have more in the pipeline - image quality will improve over time in our software.

I uploaded my captures and don't see anything yet.

Captures are typically processed by our algorithm overnight, and often even faster. If there was unexpected behavior, like changing floors without starting a new capture or dropping the camera, that may increase processing time.

My company's firewall won't allow me to upload my files with OpenSpace Sync. What should I tell them?

Tl;Dr; Ask the IT department to whitelist the 'OpenSpace Sync' app on their machines so that it can send data to the https://*.openspace.ai using standard port 443.

OpenSpace Sync requires access only to https://openspace.ai using standard https port 443. This is the exact same address/port that you use to access our website from a browser. Some possible reasons Sync isn’t accessible is:

1. The machine running Sync has some anti-malware that is not allowing Sync to make network calls.

2. Site router is filtering traffic based on user-agent or somesuch.

3. Site router is filtering all traffic to 'https://openspace.ai'. This would mean it's also not possible to access the OpenSpace homepage from a browser.

My SD card is full. What should I do?

Plug your camera in and upload your captures via OpenSpace Sync. Once you're sure you've synced all of your captures, use the Garmin to format the SD card. From the main menu, use the arrows on the top of the camera to select Setup > SD Card > Format Card > [check mark].

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