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Creating New Projects

Create a new project, upload floorplans, then publish your site

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Creating New Projects


Ready to start capturing at a new site? Now you can create a new project in OpenSpace quickly. Please note that the below instructions apply to users with permissions of Org-level Administrator only. 

Create a new project

  • If you see the below pop-up message when selecting the "new project" button please fill it out and your Customer Success Manager will be in touch with you

  • Click the blue "New project" button on the top righthand corner of the Projects landing page.

  • Name your project, and enter the project site address and GPS coordinates. Note that if you select the project site address via the dropdown, the GPS coordinates will automatically be calculated.

  • Select default Measurement System and enter project size

  • Define how you will use OpenSpace

  • [Optional] Add the intended start and end date for the project

  • [Optional] Upload a cover photo of the project. This photo will be displayed as the project tile in OpenSpace web as well as on our mobile app.

Publish your project

  • Once you're done click "Create Project". That's it!

Next Step: Add Members

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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